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When the idea of a memorial to Holocaust victims and survivors was first proposed in 1984, one of the arguments against it was that Miami Beach was a place for “sun and fun” and that such a place would be too dreary for vacationing tourists. Yet today, visitors record such comments as: “beautiful and somber,” “respectful and informative,” “beautifully designed,” “a masterpiece of art,” “a quiet place to reflect and meditate.” The renowned travel site

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The luxurious loft-style condominiums at 8800Collins in Surfside, FL, have been designed with every conceivable modern touch, from the contemporary open spaces to the Italianate kitchens. But just a five minute-drive away lies the famous Art Deco district in South Beach, a trip that will take you back nearly 100 years. National Geographic magazine says Miami Beach’s Art Deco district was the first 20th Century neighborhood to be recognized by the National Register of Historic

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third thursdays surfside fl

Once you’ve happily settled into your luxurious, ultra-chic, loft-style condominium at 88Hundred Collins, you’ll begin to realize that Surfside, Florida, isn’t just a delicious, laid-back, waterfront haven with over a mile of uninterrupted sand and glorious ocean views from your living room. It’s so much more than that, nestled as you are between the upscale shops of Bal Harbour and the never-ending show that is Miami Beach. The list of attractions is almost endless, and


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Surfside, Florida, epitomizes the concept of “small town,” yet the most cosmopolitan amenities are all within easy walking or shuttle distance. This is precisely why the developers of the customizable loft-style condominiums at 88Hundred Collins sited their luxurious creation here. One travel guidebook after another describes Surfside as “cozy,” and the very definition of cozy is having a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. A second definition is that which offers the intimacy of a

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surfside drum circle lofts in surfside fl

If you’re living at the upscale loft-style condominiums at 88Hundred Collins and looking for something to do that’s a little—okay, a lot—out of the ordinary, you’ll definitely want to check out the Full Moon Drum Circle. Located at 79th Street and Collins Avenue, it meets on the beach on the night of each full moon. It’s essentially a giant nighttime beach party, minus the alcohol and other related substances (at least technically). Open to all,


beachcombing shelling in surfside florida

Who among us, when strolling a sandy beach, can resist the urge to bend down and scoop up a tiny souvenir? Beachcombing, also known as shelling, has been around as long as humans have walked the oceans’ shorelines. Once you’ve settled into your luxury loft-style condominium at 88Hundred Collins, you’ll likely be drawn into this ages-old pastime yourself. And you’ll be in luck because, according to the travel guide Frommer’s, one of the best beaches



Just 5 minutes down the road from the beautiful loft-style, luxury condominiums at 88Hundred Collins in Surfside, Florida, scheduled to open in late 2018, is the memorable Jewish Museum of Florida, located at 301 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. If you’re not Jewish, you’ll find not only a fascinating history of Jews in Miami Beach and surrounding areas, but also exhibits on arts, crafts and culture and history, including the near-universal experience of immigration. If

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Once you’ve settled into your customizable luxury loft in Surfside, one place you’ll want spend some leisure time is North Shore Open Space Park, a lush 36-acre park just steps from 88Hundred Collins. Located east of Collins Avenue from 79th Street to 87th Street, North Shore Open Space Park is not only one of the largest in Miami, but the only beachfront park that includes public grills and picnic pavilions. The park features native vegetation,



When the developers of 88Hundred Collins were looking for a place to site their luxury home-style customized lofts, they wanted a beach-side location with a small-town feel to match their vision of comfortable, cozy and welcoming. They selected Surfside, FL, as the place that best reflected their vision for an intimate boutique residence in an upscale, yet friendly, community. Surfside is known for its luxury beachfront hotels, distinctive world-class shopping, and its culturally diverse restaurants,



The luxury home-style lofts being readied for you at 88Hundred Collins Avenue in Surfside, FL, will be blended into the Surfside community in an entirely organic way. The developers are keen to ensure that 88Hundred Collins Avenue not only reflects but embraces the small-town ambiance, civic commitment and spirit of generosity that pervades this cozy beach town. Toward that end, 88Hundred Collins is celebrating the holidays by supporting an endeavor by the Surfside Civic Association

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