surfside drum circle lofts in surfside fl

If you’re living at the upscale loft-style condominiums at 88Hundred Collins and looking for something to do that’s a little—okay, a lot—out of the ordinary, you’ll definitely want to check out the Full Moon Drum Circle. Located at 79th Street and Collins Avenue, it meets on the beach on the night of each full moon.

It’s essentially a giant nighttime beach party, minus the alcohol and other related substances (at least technically). Open to all, it features everything from drummers to fire dancers to lighted hula hoops, and of course, the benevolent moon watching over everything.

It all began 16 years ago with a handful of New Age-types drumming around a bonfire and has grown into hundreds of people with coolers, blankets and picnic baskets just generally having a fun time.

The organizing group has its own Facebook, Instagram and (somewhat outdated) web pages, but over the years the gathering has taken on a life of its own, with the festivities open to anyone who cares to attend. The main group still congregates around 79th Street, but with so many in attendance, these days it often stretches as far as 85th Street with smaller drum circles.

What can you do there? Swim, dance, chant, play your flute, didgeridoo, or tambourine, start a conga line, picnic, draw down the moon (a Wiccan energy practice), or just generally kick back and enjoy the vibes. Because they are great: a friendly, communal-type atmosphere, where everyone tends to look out for everyone else, and all are there to enjoy themselves.

Also in attendance at every event are the police. They watch benignly from the outskirts and promptly enforce the midnight beach curfew. They also do not take kindly to alcohol (and other related substances) which are illegal on the beach, along with any glass bottles. (Also true in daytime hours, as well.)

The drum circle occurs, as noted, on the night of the full moon around 8 p.m. If it falls during the week, there won’t be as many people there. If a lunar eclipse is due, the event will be held that night and then again the next night. It’s free to all, and organizers encourage everyone to leave alcohol, glass bottles, drugs, and fireworks at home. Dogs are welcome on a leash, and children should be kept close at hand because of the large numbers of people.

Feel free to bring any instrument, percussion or otherwise, and join in the fun!

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